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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

EMPOWERING yourself to heal after TRAUMA

Overcoming trauma is hard enough to do in general. Why not get the help of others? I am in the process of creating a program that will benefit all women to 1) share their own personal trauma histories on line with other women and 2) treat and facilitate healing worldwide for any woman who has been sexually, physically, emotionally or "virtually" traumatized.

In the meantime, please contact me at or I am working on several projects and would love your input.

My main focus is to attempt to educate all women all over the world on how to a) heal themselves, 2) love themselves and 3) accept themselves for exactly *who* they really are.

The movement I began is called, "First Feel then Heal" which is a movement based on helping women feel first then heal second. I'm also creating The Feel Institute: a place to feel, so women (and men) can learn the art of feeling.

Why is feeling important? Before we can learn to love ourselves, heal ourselves, we need to *feel*. We need to feel what it is like to own our emotions and to take responsibility for those. Through that process, we can enable ourselves and our true essence to come out.

In the meantime, I have written a questionnaire for anyone who has been traumatized through sexual rape, incest, molestation, etc in their own lives. This questionnaire will be a good way for you to see if you are among the other thousands of women who share common ground. In this effort for you to discover yourself, your meaning, and empower yourself to heal, I send love and comfort your way- always .
Alison Leigh

Alison Leigh's questionnaire on healing sexual trauma through being yourself perfectly

Trauma is defined as a person's experience of a situation. NOT the situation itself. This is very important to understand. Two people can see the *same* event, but responding is different. One person could have lasting trauma, the other, no trauma at all. It all depends on our *own* experience and felt sense of the trauma.
No two people will have the same exact reaction to a given situation and no reaction is wrong or should be shameful.

This checklist will help you recall some situations you have experienced or may help you realize that some events might have been traumatic even though you didn't think so at the time. You might want to discuss your list with a therapist (or you can email me too) to determine how much your personal history is interfering with your present lifestyle. most often, it does without our conscious knowing, which is why it is so important and crucial to "feel first".

First sit down and then take long deep breaths. Remember- I am here for you right now in this moment. I do not judge you, i fully support you in your *stuff* and feel honored to hear your thoughts. (This is just my little note to you while you begin this process).

Adult trauma history questionnaire:
What are the three most traumatic things that you ever experienced?

Physical history
1. Have you ever been hospitalized for anything relating to this trauma? If not, what have you been hospitalized for?
2. Can you cross reference any of these things with your initial trauma?
3. Do you currently have any chronic issues? Pain? Are you in long term recovery for any physical illness?
4. Have you ever had any life-threatening conditions?
5. Have you had any accidents?
6. Heartbreaks? (Breakups?) How long did they last?
7. Death in family? Friends dying?
8. Have you had difficulty with Doctors, Nurses or other health care professionals?
9. What kind of difficulty?
10. Have you experienced Chronic unexplained physical ailments?
Process questions
1. What was going on in your life when your symptoms were first present?
Stomach aches?________
Autoimmune Disorder?_________
Joint Pains?______________
Diagnosed with Fibromalagia?____________
Skin conditions?_________

Family Relationships
1. Were you seperated from either parent or sibling for any period of time?
2. What kind of housing situation were you in growing up? Single parent? Combined?
3. Did any family members have alcohol or drug problems?
4. Did anyone take out their aggression on you? In front of you? Behind your back?
5. Did your parents fight in front of you? Verbally? Physically?
6. How were you punished? Disciplined? how often? How severly?
7. Did you experience incest, molestation, or inappropriate touch?
8. Did you feel molested or taken advantage of in any way but just not physically?
9. Were you afraid to talk to anyone about it?
10. Did you take care of anyone in your family and their needs?
11.Were your parents married? Divorced? Remarried? Involved in alternative lifestyles (poly-amory, swingers, BDSM, pornography?)
12. Were there other relationships coming into the home?
13. How many caregivers did you have? How often did you spend time with your parents?
14. How many places did you live while a child?
School and work relationships
1. Did you feel teased, tormented, bullied or threatened?
2. Did you feel excluded, outcast, or ostracized?
3. Did you experience prejudice? what kind?

Frightening Events
1. Have you ever had any experience with human-caused assault? (kidnapping, mugging, rape, arson, jail, battering?)
2. Have you ever been in jail? anyone you know in jail?

Nature Based traumatic experiences
1. Have you ever been in an earthquake? Storm that hurt people and homes? Fire?
2. Were you part of a hurricane or other natural disasters?
3. Did you witness or were you involved in 911? Anyone you know?
4. What age were you when you felt the most fear about your environment (home? work?)

1. Have you ever been part of a cult?
2. Were you admitted to a cult beyond your control?
3. Have you ever had a frightening spiritual or religious experience that kept with you?
4. Have you ever seen/talked with ghosts? Aliens? Other super-natural beings?
5. Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Followed?
1. Have you experienced the loss of a family member, friend or pet?
2. Have you experienced the loss of a pregnancy? through what means?
3. Have you experienced a serious relationship breakup that left you feeling traumatized?
Job related
1. have you been sexually harassed, beaten, taken advantage of?
2. Have you recently lost your job, your home, your family due to loss of job?
1. Are you on welfare?
2. Have you recently lost your job?
3. Have you recently or ever lost your job which led to crisis?
1. Do you feel you were born the correct gender?
2. Do you feel like you understand your identity?
3. Are you gay, feel gay, bi-sexual, confused, transgender?
4. Are you afraid to come out? To tell your friends? Parents? loved ones?
1.Ever experienced a family member or yourself in jail?
2. Ever had prison sexual assault?
1. Do you feel loved? Taken care of?
2. Do you feel present? Aware? Conscious?
3. Do you feel you have to hide certain parts of yourself?
4. Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?
Fashion/Beauty/ Body Image
1. Do you think you should be like fashion models?
2. What do you think of your own body image?
3. Do you feel like you might have an eating disorder?

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